JAECOO 7 Redefines Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

JAECOO 7 Redefines Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

With a peak power of 197 horsepower, a 1.6TGDI engine, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in the 8-second range, over 80% high-strength steel composition, an intelligent driving assistance system, and an impeccable adaptation to seven driving scenarios – such unparalleled performance surpasses most urban SUVs. This comes from JAECOO's premier model, the JAECOO 7. Currently, this car has embarked on its global launch journey, aiming to penetrate the Eastern European market in September.

Undeniable Off-Roading Capabilities

The JAECOO 7 is positioned within the family lineup as an off-roading-capable urban SUV. However, be it in terms of exterior design or performance specifications, the JAECOO 7 boasts capabilities that transcend its class. One can distinctly perceive JAECOO's ethos of "From Classic, Beyond Classic" in this vehicle.

To cater to urban elites who crave distinctiveness and style in their vehicles, the JAECOO 7, while continuing with classic aesthetics, adopts a cutting-edge design language that encapsulates modern off-roading chic. Its robust and square-edged overall style is adorned with a matrix-style grille and sharp LED headlights, portraying raw power almost flawlessly. The generous use of straight lines on the side accentuates strength and adds layers to the visual depth. Hidden handles, off-road rims, and other detail elements further enhance its tough and rugged ambience.

Beyond its striking appearance, JAECOO 7 also shines in its power and off-roading performance. It sports a 1.6TGDI engine, boasting a peak power of 197 horsepower and a maximum torque of 290 Newton-meters. The drivetrain pairs with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission, offering both two-wheel and all-wheel drive options. Its acceleration performance stands impressively in the 8-second range. Furthermore, JAECOO 7's approach angle is 21°, the departure angle is 29°, the minimum ground clearance is 200mm, and it can traverse waters up to a staggering depth of 600mm! Such formidable specs ensure that the JAECOO 7 possesses commendable breakout and crossing abilities, unquestionably satisfying users' desires to explore and embrace nature.

The "Honor Student" of Intelligent Off-Roading

The wave of intelligence is unstoppable. As an emerging off-road brand, JAECOO has a visionary layout in the realm of intelligence. Drawing from the Group's two-decade-long vehicle manufacturing foundation, JAECOO has redefined off-roading, and the JAECOO 7 represents a profound exploration into the future of intelligent mobility.

Equipped with a rare-in-its-class 14.8-inch sky screen, a 10.25-inch all-LCD dashboard, and a three-spoke flat-bottom multi-function steering wheel, the tech ambiance in the intelligent cockpit of the JAECOO 7 is palpable. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, interactions become even more agile. Additions like the SONY speakers, 540° panoramic imaging, and W-HUD heads-up display culminate in a perfect blend of technology and luxury, offering users a comprehensive upgrade from intelligent enjoyment to intelligent driving. The intelligent driving assistance system, coupled with the proprietary ARDIS all-road intelligent off-roading system, flawlessly adapts to seven intelligent all-wheel-drive modes including urban, desert, mountainous, water-crossing, muddy, and others, presenting an intelligent driving experience with unmatched lane-changing capabilities and optimal travel efficiency.

Beauty, performance, intelligence... The multifaceted prowess of JAECOO 7 makes it tougher than urban SUVs and more comfortable than traditional off-roaders, establishing it as the "honor student" in the realm of intelligent off-roading. Its advances in intelligent technology and safety not only manifest JAECOO's strengths and determination in the tech arena but also pave new possibilities and directions for the future mobility ecosystem.